Children's Toys: Why Materials Matter

Children's Toys: Why Materials Matter

Do you know what toys your child is playing with? It's not just about what kind of toy it is, but also what the toy is made out of. Children's toys may be the last thing you suspect to be a harm to your children. But, disguised in colorful patterns and innocent objects, harmful chemicals are lurking within your children's toys. Instead, get Montessori wooden toys, a safer and cleaner alternative for your family. 

The Dangers of Harmful Chemicals in Children's Toys

Children own about 40 pounds of plastic toys on average in western countries. With hours of usage scattered around the house, many children's toys are reeking of toxic chemicals that can jeopardize your children's health. According to Study Finds, one international study found over 100 chemicals that pose health risks to children. What influences the toxicity is the chemical dosage, the amount of exposure the child has to the product, and the route of exposure. 

Inhalation is the main route, while consumption is a close second. Within plastic toys, some of the most harmful chemicals start with fragrances, flame retardants, and plasticizers, which are chemicals that allow plastics to soften and make them more bendable. Children develop rapidly and have less body mass, making it more dangerous to be exposed to these contaminated toys. 

Other cases show that banned toxic additives are still regularly found within toys in the market today. In addition, some countries are unaware of the recycled contaminated plastics they produce. 

Tips to Follow

When choosing safer toys, avoid toys with toxic paints, especially in countries outside of Canada, the United States and Europe. Many oversea-produced toys have used lead paint, which can cause lead poisoning, leading to problems such as growth delays, kidney damage, lowered IQ, and even death. CUBOS uses Milk paint, which is a water based all-natural product used in the manufacturing process. To seal this, we use 100% pure tung oil - a safe, non-toxic material. 

Safe Toys You Can Trust

Make sure to look into the material your children's toys are made out of. The company should be transparent and have the safety guidelines that are met listed clearly. For example, companies like CUBOS creates Montessori wooden toys in Canada that are both mechanically and chemically safe - free of hazardous materials and chemicals. 

CUBOS toys are made of wood in its natural state with natural beeswax and tung oil to seal and shine the wood. The two requirements from Health Canada's guidelines that apply to CUBOS are the drop test requirement and the small parts requirement. CUBOS-lite is a stackable box that promotes creativity and imaginative play for children to fit shapes. 


Let your child freely play around with safe toys. Shop around for the Montessori wooden toys produced by CUBOS here with confidence that your child will have fun in a clean, non-toxic environment. CUBOS’ beautiful, hand-made toys are 100% natural and will be a household favorite and a keepsake for your children.

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