Christmas Gifts for New Parents: All Natural Kids Toys

Natural wooden toys are the gift that keeps on giving. Most developmental toys for babies are made from wood, making them safer for babies than plastic alternatives. Give a gift designed to last a lifetime this holiday season by choosing Montessori gifts from CUBOS. 

Christmas Gift Ideas

Constructed with high-quality, sustainably sourced materials, CUBOS' toys are ideal for young children in the early stages of development. Each one can be a gift for babies and new parents. Baby gets to develop fine motor skills during play. At the same time, the parents can enjoy minimal cleanup and the knowledge that their child is safe. CUBOS uses all-natural materials: stain-free hardwood, milk paint, beeswax, and 100% pure tung oil.

We have a variety of high-quality natural wooden toys available for the holiday season. Below is a short list of some of our fantastic toy offerings.

Ball Bowl Peg & Egg Cup

A ball bowl peg & egg cup toy is a palm and pincer entry set, making it one of the better gifts for babies. This set consisting of a wooden ball and bowl, peg and cup, and egg and cup is the perfect gift to help your child's grasp and cognitive development.

Each piece has a beeswax finish which is perfectly safe for children who can't help but put things in their tiny mouths. The bowls, pegs, and cups make for easy cleanup, making them great gifts for new parents and the little ones.

Baby Rattle

Our hardwood baby rattle is a fantastic gift for a child, especially a newborn. Parents will love that it is a single wooden toy, meaning pieces won't go missing, and there's no mess. Baby will love it for the beautiful rattling sound they can wield in the palm of their tiny hands.

Parents will not have to worry about damage to the toy or harm to the child thanks to the rattle's smooth and natural surface. As it has a beeswax finish, it's non-toxic to the child, who can lick it, bite it, and play without worry.

Pincer & Palmer Block

Another excellent gift for a developing child is a simplistic palm and pincer set. This pair of natural wooden toys will assist the baby in their transition from their inborn grasp reflex (palmer) to a more advanced grip (pincer).

A baby typically begins developing a pincer grasp between nine and ten months. It's a significant development milestone, crucial to a child's motor skills and functions.

Our pincer & palmer block set can help babies develop these crucial skills properly. This pair is made of natural hardwood, making them safe for children. It would make wonderful Montessori gifts for babies and gifts for new parents as well.

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