Heirloom Toys: Are They Worth the Investment?

When you were a kid, what were your favorite toys? Maybe you had a precious doll or an action figure you took everywhere. Perhaps it was a beat-up matchbox race car. Do you have any of these playthings still lying around? Maybe one or two, but I’ll bet the doll’s hair you once lovingly brushed over and over is now a tangled, frizzy mess, and the beloved race car, once bright red, is now brown and tarnished, missing a wheel.

Our familiar toys are nostalgic. They remind us of the beautiful simplicity of being young. Now that you have kids of your own, you want to provide them with items that will be treasured for a lifetime… unless they don’t last.

What Are Heirloom Toys?

Forget short-lived trends that fly off the shelves and end up in the landfill six months later! Heirloom toys are classic, high-quality pieces carefully manufactured to last so that generation after generation can enjoy them. There are many reasons to consider collecting some beautiful family treasures for your children to enjoy, such as:

They’re Durable

Heirloom toys are built to last! Handcrafted items are carefully constructed with child’s play habits in mind. They’ll be dropped, thrown, kicked… and should last through it all! Big manufacturers know that if their product breaks, you’ll drag yourself to the store for a new one over and over. Heirloom items such as Montessori wooden toys are fashioned with durability and versatility in mind. 

This beautifully designed CUBOS wooden box will withstand the test of time. It can even be custom engraved with a message or name that will truly make it a family treasure.

They’re Timeless

An heirloom toy should be timeless. Trends come and go, and popular companies know this. Why go chasing the latest fad only for it to end up broken at the bottom of the toy box, never to be touched again? Small businesses that handcraft classic toys provide products that never go out of style. To them, it’s not about using gimmicks to create something eye-catching that you’ll repeatedly buy and replace. Quality artisans care about a child’s growth and development and give them the tools to thrive. There’s a reason wooden blocks never get old! 

They Use Safe, Quality Materials

Cheap, synthetic materials like plastic can contain toxic chemicals that aren’t safe for your baby. Why take the risk? Safe kids' toys should be made with all-natural materials so you can have peace of mind when a baby enters the “everything must go in my mouth” phase.

Montessori wooden toys from CUBOS use stain-free hardwood to construct timeless pieces like the baby rattle. Milk paint, beeswax, and tung oil make CUBOS an excellent option for natural toys in Canada.

They’re Sustainable

When you invest in lasting, heirloom products, you’re also giving the environment some love! The toy business is the leading industry for plastic waste, using over forty tons of plastic for $1 million in revenue. You can join the fight against pollution and climate change by supporting small, specialty businesses when you select high-quality toys for your children.

Toys That Carry Your Legacy

Quality, classic toys make for a beautiful, sustainable family heirloom. Consider investing in an item that your little love will adore for years to come!

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