Mass-Produced Toys vs Handmade Toys


There is a current debate between mass-produced toys and handmade kids’ toys, and people are truly torn between the two. The former often incorporates technology into manufacturing to enhance the appeal for kids and adults buying them. On the other hand, handmade options are free from tech aids and usually environmentally sustainable. This may explain why the stain-free wooden toys market made $23 billion in 2020. At CUBOS, we believe in ecologically sustainable toys, and here is why.

What Goes Into Mass-Produced Toys?

According to news reports, the history of mass-produced toys goes back to the latter parts of the 19th century. The increase in technology and manufacturing in that era influenced toy makers to create appealing products different from hand-made toys, which had dominated for several centuries until the late 19th century. Within a short period, mass-produced toys caught on with the public, and every child desired one.

Safety Concerns And Where CUBOS Stands

The problem, however, is the safety concerns with these mass-produced toys. Many contain toxic materials that can cause cancer and weaken a child’s immune system. Elements like cadmium, PVC, and phthalates are common during production. With this in mind, we at CUBOS made it a mission to move away from what became the status quo. We believe safe kids’ toys made from hardwood can significantly reduce toxicity risks. Our stain-free wooden toys are natural, contain no chemical additives, and are safe for your children.

What Goes Into CUBOS’ Hand-Made Toys?

As the name implies, our handmade toys are made with much love and attention. We further portray this by eliminating any chemical additive that poses considerable risks to children. We stick to our stain-free wooden toys because of our staunch belief in environmentalism and sustainability. The planet needs to be protected, and what better way to do this than to teach children that we can still learn, play, and have fun with sustainable items?

At CUBOS, we use all-natural materials like beeswax, milk paint, and pure tung oil to create safe kids’ toys. There is no need to worry when your toddler or young child has a CUBOS toy. There will be no harmful chemicals for them to ingest or rub on their bodies. More importantly, our toys do not pose any choking hazard to children; you can feel comfortable when your child plays with their favorite things.

Valuable Distinctions Between A CUBOS Toy And A Mass-Produced One

Because we understand that parenting is a hard job, CUBOS Natural Toys Canada does not include unsafe kids’ toys. First, you will notice that we make education an essential part of these stain-free wooden toys. Our Montessori-styled wooden toys help children learn to identify shapes by fitting the cut-outs into available slots. Indeed, every single one of our wooden toys can become a unique family heirloom in your household. We ensure that every handmade toy from us brings your child enjoyment and satisfaction.

As parents, you are no stranger to how quickly kids break their mass-produced plastic toys. Perhaps, you should try the wooden toys Canada makes at CUBOS. In the era of toxic plastic toys, CUBOS brings you a breath of fresh air–literally.

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