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Oh, to be a child again… to explore the world for the first time. To look at the sky in wonder and giggle at the feeling of a bug crawling across your hand. To spend the entire day imagining and laughing. Simply put, childhood is a magical experience that we only live through once. The closest we'll ever get to that feeling again is watching our own child explore and play.

As a parent, you want your baby to feel the same joy that you did–or didn't. So, you try your best to give them the most beautiful, fulfilling childhood experience. With all the information and advice available, it can be challenging to figure out the best parenting method. What tips can we offer to help you up your parenting game?

What is Montessori Parenting?

Montessori parenting was first defined by an Italian doctor named Maria Montessori. By observing how children learned, she developed a philosophy that they learn best in environments that allow them to explore their natural interests. The Montessori method teaches children in a way that appeals to them instead of forcing them to fit into a mold.

Montessori Principles

Only a parent can decide what is best for their children. That's why with the Montessori parenting style, there are no rules! Montessori parenting empowers you to take whatever resonates with you. However, there are some basic principles to consider when considering a Montessori upbringing.


Montessori developed through observation. By watching your children play, you can gain new insights into their interests, talents, and way of navigating the world. 

A Prepared Environment

The Montessori method encourages freedom and independence. A prepared environment doesn't automatically equate to a fancy playroom with expensive toys. It simply refers to the play area or classroom which you have organized with all the proper tools to encourage learning and exploration. To be a great parent, it's also essential to make sure the space is safe, especially for infants who may not understand the danger of particular objects. For example, it may be wise to avoid long strings or ribbons that can become tangled around a child’s neck or plastic bags that your child may stick their head into and not know how to remove.

Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts

Peace education can be critical in helping your child develop good stress management and social skills. We encourage you to actively discuss positive and negative emotions with your child and even discuss social injustices in the real world.

Few Quality Toys

Children with too many toy options may struggle to make decisions or find order in their lives. Having an excess of toys to choose from will also decrease the value of each belonging, leading the child to get bored quickly, break things, or demand more. Try rotating toys to see what your child is really interested in. This vertical dowel with three rings is a high-quality option that your babe will adore experimenting with!

Punishments and Rewards

Punishing your child for poor behavior can cause a child to withdraw and exacerbate behavioral issues. The Montessori method emphasizes the value of children learning responsibility through "inner discipline." Children will naturally learn the consequences of their actions.

Rewarding good behavior is also discouraged, according to Montessori's work. Children naturally desire to learn, and constant praise can make them feel entitled to rewards into adulthood. Focus on teaching your child responsibility and their own experiences with the world.

Emphasize Natural Senses

Young children are highly sensitive to their environment, which means that all the things they see, smell, touch, hear, and taste really matter. Safe kids’ toys made of natural materials such as fabric and wood provide a better sensory experience than synthetic materials like plastic.

Our Favorite Montessori Toys

The best Montessori toys are ones that inspire creative, involved play that will keep your child intrigued for hours! Montessori toys should meet the following requirements:

  • Based on real-life– Montessori proposed that young children should develop a strong understanding of the natural world before diving into fantasy. For example, wooden farm animals are an excellent toy that help children discern the creatures that live around them. Toys with electronics or flashing lights don't have a meaningful purpose in most toys.
  • Natural materials– Natural materials allow children to explore the five senses in depth. There are many options of rubber, felt, metal, and wooden toys in Canada that align with Montessori principles.
  • Encourages independence– Toys that can easily be operated by a child helps them learn confidence and independence, which are excellent skills to learn early in life.
  • One skill at a time– Toys with too many components can be overwhelming. When a child can focus on one skill at a time, they will be more dedicated to their mastery.


Finding Montessori wooden toys that are safe, reliable, and entertaining to your child can be challenging. CUBOS is a brand that makes handcrafted wooden toys in Canada. CUBOS products are lovingly developed to aid your child's growth, development, and exploration. Our toys are made to be enjoyed by your Montessori kid for years to come!

As Always, Safety First!

When it comes to your little one, you shouldn't have to worry about the safety of their toys. CUBOS toys have been engineered to meet the safety requirements of Health Canada. All-natural materials include stain-free hardwood, milk paint, beeswax, and pure tung oil. All CUBOS pieces are large enough to ensure no choking hazard, allowing your child to explore our Montessori wooden toys with all the senses and be completely safe while they do.

We know that with play, even the best Montessori toys will get dropped and thrown. All CUBOS products have been through Health Canada's standardized drop test, which tests toys to ensure that no sharp or hazardous pieces are released. Beautiful, durable, and 100% safe… Need we say more?

Some of Our Favorites

With so many toys available, it’s difficult to determine the best of the best. The answer? That will come down to your personal preferences. Here are some of the CUBOS toys we especially like:

CUBOS-Lite Shape Sorter

CUBOS is a reimagination of a classic child's toy. There is so much for your child to explore, ensuring this one becomes an instant favorite. Work the pieces into the correct slot, open the box, or stack the parts to make a tower! Babies adore CUBOS, especially since all the shapes are a perfectly safe size to gnaw on.


The iDoddle was made with parents in mind. Modeled to mimic your phone, the iDoddle is engraved with the entire alphabet and numbers that your child can trace with their hardwood pen. Safe kids toys should also provide great benefits like muscle memory, and the iDoddle does just that.

No matter your parenting philosophy, Montessori wooden toys are a great way to stimulate your baby's growth and development. Inspire your little love with the best Montessori toys on the market! We want to see your baby learn and grow just as much as you do.

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