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The Evolution of Children's Toys

We are so used to bright, hard plastic toys that we rarely stop to think about just how far toys have come. And perhaps surprisingly, just how many chemicals have been used in classic children’s toys over the years! 

Mass-Produced Toys vs Handmade Toys

There is a current debate between mass-produced toys and handmade kids’ toys, and people are truly torn between the two. The former often incorporates technology into manufacturing to enhance the appeal for kids and adults buying them. On the other hand, handmade options are free from tech aids and usually environmentally sustainable. This may explain why the stain-free wooden toys market made $23 billion in 2020. At CUBOS, we believe in ecologically sustainable toys, and here is why.

How to Improve Your Baby's Dexterity

Parents want to do everything they can to help their children succeed. One way to do this is to help them develop their dexterity early on. Dexterity is the ability to control the movement of your fingers and hands, and it is essential for many activities, such as writing, cooking, or playing an instrument. You can do many things to help your child develop their dexterity, but one of the most engaging ways is using toys that specifically target this skill.

Children's Toys: Why Materials Matter

Children's Toys: Why Materials Matter

Do you know what toys your child is playing with? It's not just about what kind of toy it is, but also what the toy is made out of. Children's toys may be the last thing you suspect to be a harm to your children. But, disguised in colorful patterns and innocent objects, harmful chemicals are lurking within your children's toys. Instead, get Montessori wooden toys, a safer and cleaner alternative for your family. 

The Rise of Montessori-Style Upbringing

The Rise of Montessori-Style Upbringing

We've all wondered if there is a better way of raising our kids — one that allows them more freedom, more opportunities, and a more profound sense of responsibility. There are classic methods such as the natural, authoritative, or free-range styles — but there are also others, such as the Montessori method.