CUBOS is more than just a beautiful shape-sorting toy.

It’s a belief that we can do better.

Better materials, better finishes, better design.

The end result is an heirloom quality toy that’s cherished for a lifetime and passed down through generations.

It’s a knowing that we can create better options – ones that aren’t made of plastic, sourced from overseas, or that are full of harmful chemicals.

CUBOS allows raw materials and strong design do the work: gorgeous woods in their natural grains and colors (no stains), some glue to hold it all together, and all natural beeswax gives the toy its appealing shine.

That’s it. And nothing more is needed. 


Creating Tomorrow’s Thinkers and Designers


Some of your best memories are made with magical toys, inspiring books, and engaging activities. Yet most toys are quickly outgrown and thrown away.

And when you toss the toy, you often lose the memories too.

We believe that a toy can inspire you for life as it helps you develop a creative spirit.

You already know inspiration begins at a young age.

But have you considered that the inspiration and creativity introduced to you in your childhood carries on to adulthood and fuels much larger ideas?

It’s true. It all starts with playing and learning as a child.

All of these beliefs came together and were poured into the creation of CUBOS.

A timeless toy that’s heirloom quality and will last a lifetime. You can give it to your child who can give it to their child who can give it to their child – and so on and so forth – the inspiration, creativity, and memories never have to stop.


CUBOS Fits You and Your Baby, No Matter Your Philosophy

We understand that there isn’t a one-size fits all parenting solution.

When designing CUBOS, we wanted to create a toy that has universal appeal.

One that would fit into any family, any home, and any parenting philosophy.

And we think we nailed it!


Here’s our take on two of the most popular parenting philosophies –


The Perfect Montessori Shape-Sorting Toy


Montessori focuses on real, natural toys. Connecting with a cold piece of plastic doesn’t create a rich and realistic experience.

CUBOS uses natural materials – wood – in their natural, true colors. No stains and no harmful chemicals.

Montessori toys are toys with purpose. Children develop and learn through play – and the Montessori philosophy understands this. Toys are better without distracting colors and features that take away from what the toy can teach the child.

The shapes inside CUBOS are all the same color and in their natural state. Your child will be able to learn the shapes and distinguish the differences between them. This means that he or she will know the triangle is a triangle because of its shape instead of thinking that triangles are always green or memorizing the color without learning the shape.


A Wonderful Waldorf Toy


Just like Montessori, Waldorf focuses on real, natural toys. The first Waldorf school originated in the 1920s and focused on giving children eco-friendly toys to play with.

Waldorf toys should also be beautiful because the philosophy believes that sight is just as important as touch. By providing children with beautiful toys, you help their aesthetic awareness and appreciation develop naturally.

CUBOS is beautifully designed and crafted. Natural beeswax is applied to give the toy its attractive shine. Parents often call CUBOS a work of art.


CUBOS for the Gift-Giver


CUBOS was born from the idea that a perfect gift shows someone you really care. It’s one that can be used and cherished for years.

When it came to giving loved ones a gift for their new baby, we looked at our options: clothing that would soon be outgrown or toys full of plastic and chemicals that would be tossed after a couple of months.

So, we created our version of the perfect baby gift. A beautifully designed, handmade, all-natural wooden shape-sorting toy that can grow with your child. One that can be passed down through generations and loved along the way.

Giving CUBOS to your loved ones shows you truly care enough to find a unique gift that will last.

CUBOS is made by Anson Wong, a mechanical engineer with a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design. Each toy is made by hand, on site in a 1,000-square foot shop in Edmonton in Canada.


CUBOS is made in Edmonton, which is the capital for the province of Alberta in Canada. Edmonton is full of culture and art, which was the perfect environment for the idea of CUBOS to take root and be nourished into a reality.


Ready to get your own CUBOS?