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CUBOS is a Montessori toy company committed to creating better options for children's Montessori toys in Canada.

Our toys are made of sustainably sourced materials, finished with non-toxic paints and stains, and designed to last a lifetime. CUBOS' mission is to create heirloom quality toys that can be passed down through generations, providing alternatives to the plastic, mass-produced toys that are ubiquitous in today's market. To learn more about mass produced toys versus ours, click here.

In addition to our high-quality construction, CUBOS toys are also designed to encourage developmental skills such as hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. They’re ideal for young children who are starting to learn about the natural world.

CUBOS offers toys that are made from raw materials and have a strong design. We use gorgeous woods in their natural grains and colors and use glue to hold it all together, with all-natural beeswax giving the toy an appealing shine. Montessori toys are simple, not at all complex. We already stock a variety of high-quality toys and plan to release many more products in the future that are made from raw materials and strong designs. It’s often difficult to find all natural wooden toys in Canada, but we do our best to make the buying process easy.

Montessori Toys in Canada

Montessori toys are always designed with a purpose in mind. They are meant to help children develop and learn through play. Montessori philosophy recognizes that children learn best when they are allowed to explore and discover on their own, and most especially, with toys that relate to the natural world. This helps a child establish their foothold in realism before they are exposed to too many digital games.

That's why Montessori wooden toys are often more subdued in color and design. They don't have a lot of flashy features or distracting colors that take away from the toy's purpose. Instead, Montessori toys are focused on helping children learn specific skills or concepts. For example, our Montessori pincer and palmar blocks assist in an important developmental milestone for babies around 9-10 months old - fine motor skills. You can read more about this here

By keeping the design of the toy simple, the child can more easily learn from it. So next time you're shopping for Montessori toys in Canada for your child, look for one that has a purpose. It just might be the best way to help them learn and grow.


Supervision-free play

Control of error

self correction, build self confidence


CUBOS stocks up on construction toys made entirely of wood, and as such, they fall under the jurisdiction of Health Canada's natural health products regulations. However, because CUBOS toys contain no hazardous materials or chemicals, most requirements aren't applicable. The only two aspects of the guidelines that do apply are the small parts requirement and the drop test requirement.

Fortunately, CUBOS easily meets both these requirements. The small parts requirement is based on the size of the constituents, and since all of the pieces in CUBOS toys are large enough that they can't be swallowed, they fit this criterion. The drop test requirement is designed to ensure that a toy won't break into small pieces when dropped, and CUBOS meets this need as well. As a result, CUBOS toys are assuredly safe and compliant for enjoyment by young children.

To learn more about our safety guidelines, click here.

Roots of cubos

CUBOS is a Canadian company that specializes in handcrafted wooden toys. The company was founded by Anson Wong, a mechanical engineer with a passion for woodworking.

All of the toys are made by hand in a small workshop in Edmonton, Alberta. We take great pride in our products, and each toy is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. CUBOS toys are unique and unlike any other toy on the market. They are sure to bring joy to any child who plays with them.

Thank you for supporting Canadian businesses like CUBOS who bring the best Montessori toys in Canada!


the wooden shape sorter that's heirloom quality


There are no sharp edges and the pieces are large and small enough for a baby to handle.


It's a work of art.