CUBOS – Safety Meets Beauty

CUBOS is both mechanically and chemically safe so you don’t have to worry for a single moment when your child plays with CUBOS.

Our design conforms to Health Canada’s guidelines for children’s toys

CUBOS contains no hazardous materials or chemicals, so most of the requirements aren’t applicable. CUBOS is made only of wood in its natural state and uses no stains or other chemicals – just all-natural beeswax that gives the wood a shine.

The two main aspects of Health Canada’s guidelines that do apply to CUBOS are the small parts requirement and the drop test requirement.



Toys with small components

The above image defines how small is “too small” for any small components in a toy.

Here’s what you need to know – the small parts cylinder in the above guideline has an opening of 31.7mm. Any parts that can fit inside the cylinder are considered too small. So, for the small parts to be of an appropriate size, they must be larger than 31.7mm.

The pieces inside CUBOS, the POCOS, are the only small pieces that CUBOS has. Each shape is larger than 31.7mm so there is no choking hazard present.

Here’s how the POCOS measure up:

 Drop test procedure


We all know that toys take abuse, right? Whether they’re accidentally dropped or intentionally thrown across the room, chances are pretty good that they’ll eventually go flying.

Because of this, toys must undergo a drop test procedure and a thorough inspection for sharp points or edges or detached small components that resulted from the drop.

The toy isn’t expected to be indestructible, but it is important that it doesn’t create a safety hazard after being dropped or thrown.

 From page 4 of the guideline:

The Product Safety Laboratory Method M01.1 drop test procedure requires that a toy be dropped four times onto a tile-covered concrete floor. Each drop has the toy in a different starting orientation to really test the toy.

It is dropped from a height of 1.37 metres, or 4.5 feet, if it’s for a child under three years old. For children over three years of age, its dropped from 0.91 metres, or 3 feet.

The toy is inspected after each drop for any detached small components or sharp edges and points that would be harmful to a child. It passes the drop test if no such hazards are created.

CUBOS passed the drop test with ease, which means it will be able to stand up to accidents and abuse from your cute little one. 




Our vision was to create a beautifully designed, eco-friendly toy that you and your children could love for years to come without fear of chemicals, choking hazards, or of it shattering into sharp pieces.

We think we’ve done just that, don’t you?

CUBOS is a 100% natural, beautiful toy to be loved across generations that poses no safety hazards or concerns.