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5 Advantages of Choosing Handmade Wooden Toys for Your Kids

The heyday of handmade wooden toys was a time of great creativity and innovation in the world of children's playthings. Wooden toys were once the most popular type of toy, and they were often crafted with great care and attention to detail. 

Nowadays, most toy manufacturers have switched to plastic for more accessible and cheaper manufacturing. That said, wooden toys still have a particular charm that plastic toys can't replicate. Here are five advantages of buying wooden toys for your children.

1. Durability 

Wooden toys have been used to entertain and educate children for centuries. They remain popular today because of their durability and classic style. Wooden toys are often crafted with natural materials such as wood, cotton, and wool, making them a safe and eco-friendly choice for your children.

Handmade wooden toys are highly durable and can withstand daily play. Unlike plastic toys, wooden toys are not prone to breakage and are not affected by environmental changes such as humidity and temperature. With proper care and maintenance, wooden toys can last for generations and remain as good as new ones.

2. Safety 

As parents, we must consider the toys we buy for our children. We want them to be safe and to provide our kids with hours of entertainment and learning. Wooden toys are an excellent option for parents looking for sustainable, non-toxic toys.

Wooden toys are made from renewable resources, making them an environmentally friendly choice. They are also generally non-toxic, as no harmful chemical paints or other materials are used in their production. This makes them an excellent choice for parents concerned about their children's health and safety.

3. Eco-Friendly

Handmade wooden toys are becoming increasingly popular among parents looking for eco-friendly and sustainable options for their children's playtime. Parents are becoming more aware of the dangers of plastic toys and the harm they can cause to the environment, so wooden toys are becoming more attractive.

4. Encourages Creative Play

Wooden toys are not only an excellent choice for the environment, but they are also beneficial for children's development. Wooden toys help promote creative playtime as they are often open-ended and allow various play experiences. Wooden toys offer a wide range of activities for children. There is something for every age and skill level, from puzzles to building blocks. Wooden toys also help to develop problem-solving and fine motor skills, as well as encourage imaginative play.

5. Versatility

Handmade wooden toys are an excellent choice for children of all ages. Not only are they durable, but you can also personalize them to fit your child's interests. You can transform a plain wooden toy into a colourful, unique piece of fun with a few simple steps. Meanwhile, plastic toys generally don't take new paint well, as they are not meant to be repainted after their dyes have been set in the factory.

Painting is one of the most popular ways to customize wooden toys. You can turn a dull wooden object into a bright, vibrant one with a few coats of paint. You can also use stencils to create intricate designs. 

Staining is another excellent way to customize wooden toys. You can use wood stains to give your wooden toys a darker, more rustic look. Staining can also highlight certain toy features, such as the eyes or the wheels.

You will be happy to learn that CUBOS toys and Qualimonti toys both use safe stains and color to produce their toys. While CUBOS uses all natural substances, Qualimonti uses scientifically proven safe water base color for their toys.


Handmade wooden toys are great for parents looking for sustainable and eco-friendly options for their children's playtime. They are safe and durable and can help to promote creative playtime. With the increasing awareness of the dangers of plastic toys and their negative impact on the environment, wooden toys are becoming an increasingly popular choice for parents.

Cubos is a Montessori toy company dedicated to giving children better playtime experiences. Our handmade wooden toys are designed for endless hours of creative play and development. Browse our shop today! 

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