How to Improve Your Baby's Dexterity

Parents want to do everything they can to help their children succeed. One way to do this is to help them develop their dexterity early on. Dexterity is the ability to control the movement of your fingers and hands, and it is essential for many activities, such as writing, cooking, or playing an instrument. You can do many things to help your child develop their dexterity, but one of the most engaging ways is using toys that specifically target this skill.

CUBOS carries a variety of heirloom toys that help little children improve their dexterity, and the following post will discuss some of these toys and how they can help your child progress!

The Pincer Grasp

The pincer grasp occurs when the thumb and index finger come together to pick up an object. This is one of the first grasps your child will use, and it is essential for developing fine motor skills. CUBOS has a variety of toys that help babies develop the pincer grasp, such as the Pincer and Palmer Blocks. We've specifically designed these blocks to help your child practice the pincer and palmar grasps; all our toys use all-natural materials that are safe for your child to use.

As your child ages, they will start to use a more refined version of the pincer grasp. This is called the tripod grip. In this grip, the index finger, middle finger, and thumb are all used together to hold an object. The tripod grip is essential for activities such as writing, and CUBOS can help you find the best toys for developing this skill, such as the Square & Triangle Puzzles. We've designed this puzzle to help your child practice the tripod grip, and like our blocks, it's made from child-safe materials.


The Palmar Grasp

The Palmar grasp is the second stage of development for your baby's grip. Your baby will use the Palmar grip when ready to use their whole hand to hold on to an object, rather than just their fingers. The Palmar grasp is essential for developing the muscles in your baby's hand and helps them develop a firmer grip.

You can help your baby develop their Palmer grasp by giving them heirloom toys they can hold on to with their whole hand. CUBOS offers a range of all-natural wooden toys perfect for this. Their pincer and palmar blocks are ideal for helping your baby to develop their palmar grasp, as a baby can hold these blocks tightly with their whole hand.

The Square Triangle Puzzle is another great toy for developing the palmar grasp. This puzzle helps your baby develop fine motor skills as they manipulate the pieces. It is also an excellent way for them to learn about shapes and colors.

You can help your child develop dexterity in many different ways. Using heirloom toys that specifically target this skill is one of the best ways to help your child progress. CUBOS carries a variety of all-natural toys that are perfect for helping your child to develop their pincer, palmar, and tripod grasps.

CUBOS offers Montessori toys in Canada and caters to parents of young kids who are just learning their way around the world. We believe in creating sustainable toys that are useful and helpful too.

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