What Toys Do Kids Naturally Gravitate Towards?

Dolls, legos, cars, electronics, stuffed animals… As a parent, it can be overwhelming to decide what kind of toys to fill your playroom with. Nothing is worse than dropping a pretty penny on something that only gets looked at once before it’s tossed on the top shelf, never to be touched again. That’s why when it comes to children’s toys, you want something that will last and be played with again and again. You should seek out the kind of toy that will provide hours of enjoyment and exploration.

So, what qualities should you look for on your hunt for the perfect, safe kids toys? Here are our top tips!


The variety of flashy, elaborate toys on the market can sometimes make us think kids need complicated things to fully enjoy their playtime. In reality, children just want to explore their natural world! There are so many everyday objects around your house your baby would love to examine, though not all of them are safe. That’s why investing in straightforward, quality kids toys can keep them entertained while also aiding in their growth and development.

Your baby will love this simple, durable Spinning Wheel from CUBOS. We pride ourselves on providing gorgeous, handcrafted Montessori wooden toys that can last a lifetime.

Less is More

Many people don’t realize that children can be easily overwhelmed by too many toys to choose from. Fewer, better options can help your little one get the most out of playtime. When a few options are provided, your baby is more likely to wholly enjoy and explore each option instead of quickly jumping from toy to toy.

Try rotating your child’s toys every few months. This will help to keep things fresh and exciting for your baby while allowing them to get the most out of each and every option. Why overindulge in expensive items that burn bright, but lose entertainment value fast? Consider purchasing unique heirloom toys that your child will grow to love throughout their lifetime.

Natural Materials

Most big companies mass-manufacture children’s toys with cheap, mediocre materials. Some of these even contain potentially harmful chemicals, which is a frightening realization when you think about how babies love to investigate things with their mouths! Natural materials like stainless steel, fabrics, and wood have exciting tastes and textures that make them excellent for sensory exploration.

CUBOS’s Montessori wooden toys, like our Baby Rattle, are handcrafted with all-natural materials, including milk paint, beeswax, and pure tung oil, allowing your sweet babe to examine them thoroughly. 


Open-ended playthings allow kids to explore their creativity. Some toys suppress this natural inclination to explore by forcing specific outcomes. Children love toys that leave room for self-expression. Wooden cubes can be stacked, decorated, and counted, not to mention the other uses your little one will come up with! It’s easy to explore yourself and your interests when you play with simple toys, and your baby is sure to find themselves entertained for hours as a result.

The Best Toys for Your Little Love

If you’re struggling to find the perfect toys for your child, Montessori wooden toys are a wonderful place to start. CUBOS toys are simple, natural, versatile, and high-quality, ensuring you and your babe love them for years to come!

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