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A Guide to Empowering Your Child’s Work at Montessori School

A new school year can be exciting for new and returning families. For starters, it signifies a fresh start for students to make new friends, set new goals, and feel new experiences. Welcoming the new academic year can also be exciting for returning students and families because it means reuniting with old friends and teachers. 

You can help your child get the best education by enrolling them in a Montessori school. However, as a curious and responsible parent, you may be curious about this educational philosophy and how to support it at home. 

If you want to better understand your child's learning, this article will tell you what not to do and how to empower your child's work at Montessori school.

3 Things to Not Do for Your Child’s Montessori Schooling

Before we can give you the best things to do, this section will enumerate some things to avoid when supporting your child’s work at Montessori school.

1. Push for Academic Excellence

Many parents push their children for academic excellence because they assume that’s the key to success. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to Montessori learning. 

Parents should promote academic success by supporting and guiding their children. They must also remember that not all learning follows a set timeline, and every student has a unique pace. Moreover, while your child’s teacher will immediately inform you if they need to strengthen specific areas, children usually work hard enough in school, and it’s okay to let them rest once they’re home.  

2. Buy Montessori Materials for Home Use

Educators don’t recommend buying Montessori materials for home use because they need special instruction for proper use. Instead, you should leave attractive wooden learning tools and Montessori toys to teachers who can use them properly. 

3. Purchase Organization Systems

You don’t need to buy fancy Montessori toys and materials to create a Montessori environment at home. You can improve the environment by changing your mindset and how you interact with your child. 

4 Things to Do to Empower Your Child’s Montessori Schooling

After discussing the worst things to do, this section will enumerate the best way to support your child’s work in a Montessori school. 

1. Educate Yourself about the Montessori Philosophy

While you may not witness how your child learns in the classroom, sometimes the best way to understand their schooling is to know more about the Montessori philosophy. It will help you communicate better with your child’s teachers and encourage other parents to enroll them in this schooling method. 

You can gain insight into the Montessori philosophy by attending regular parent education sessions at school. You can also learn more about the educational approach by connecting with other families and interacting with the staff. Moreover, you can borrow relevant books from the school’s lending library or read online articles. 

2. Honour Your Child 

The Montessori learning approach means treating children like adults and respecting them. While it can be initially challenging to adapt, the long-term benefits are worth the effort. Being a responsible parent means balancing granting your children the independence to decide for themselves while providing guidance and setting boundaries.

3. Volunteer at School

Parents can volunteer during school events by chaperoning field trips, helping with fundraising and special events, serving as parent coordinators, and pitching in with school gardening projects. You can also ask teachers how to help and give presentations about your job.

4. Become an Advocate

If you’re happy with the Montessori education your child receives, you should spread the word and help reach more children and parents. 


Your child only deserves the best education and support because it’s crucial for their success. You can ensure they grow to be well-rounded and independent adults by educating yourself about the Montessori learning approach, volunteering, and treating them with respect. 

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