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Cubos Lite - A wooden shape sorting toy featuring a compact and simplified design, ideal for promoting shape recognition and fine motor skills in Montessori education

CUBOS-lite (100% Natural,Shape Sorter,Heirloom Quality, Hardwood, Made in Canada)

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This is a more affordable version of the original CUBOS, a beautifully designed wooden shape sorter toy is a re-imagined version of a classic! Your child will be entertained as they work the wooden shapes into their correct slots, open and close the CUBOS box, or even just stack the inserts up to build a tower or a pretend town.

The CUBOS shape sorter is a great option for babies as soon as they can grasp objects. The inserts are carefully made with exact precision to ensure they do not pose any choking hazard to your child.

Your child will enjoy learning shape recognition, cause and effect, how to stack objects, how to open and close an object, and so much more!

CUBOS-lite provides hours of endless, open play where the imagination is the only limit!


  • Made with Natural maple or Birch, both are premium hardwoods
  • All natural, edible beeswax finish
  • Shaped inserts are made from Maple
  • CUBOS unit dimensions: 5 inches by 5 inches (5”X5”X5”)
  • CUBOS weight with inserts: 1 KG (2.2lbs)