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Limited Edition Christmas Cubos Block

Limited Edition Christmas Cubos Block

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Introducing the Limited Edition Christmas Cubos Block Set - a festive and unique learning tool designed to celebrate the holiday spirit:

Special Holiday-Inspired Blocks: This exclusive set features blocks with a delightful twist. One side displays the number "1st" to mark the special occasion of Christmas, while the opposite side is adorned with "XMAS" to capture the holiday cheer. On another side, you'll find charming illustrations of animals, adding a touch of Christmas magic. But that's not all! The final side features a sprig of mistletoe, symbolizing the season's joy and tradition, with a little hook to decorate on the Christmas tree.

Crafted with care and precision, these Limited Edition Christmas Cubos Blocks are perfect for celebrating the holiday season while providing educational entertainment. The unique combination of letters, numbers, animals, "XMAS," and mistletoe adds a touch of festive flair to your child's learning experience, making it a cherished addition to your holiday traditions. Get ready to celebrate and learn with a touch of holiday magic!


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