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7-9 Months Kit

7-9 Months Kit

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7-9 Months Kit

The 7-9 Months Kit subscription box is specifically designed to provide babies in the 7 to 9-month age range with developmentally-appropriate toys. All the toys in the kit are made of natural, sustainable materials and follow the Montessori philosophy, which promotes independent learning and exploration.

The toys included in the kit are:

  • Grasp Beads (Bonus): The Grasp Beads toy is designed to help babies develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It consists of a string of beads that babies can grasp and manipulate, enhancing their dexterity and finger strength.
  • Peg Palmer: The Peg Palmer toy introduces babies to the concept of object permanence and encourages their grasping skills. It consists of wooden pegs and a base, allowing babies to practice removing and replacing the pegs, promoting their fine motor skills.
  • Vertical 3 Rings Stacker: The Vertical 3 Rings Stacker toy provides babies with an opportunity to explore stacking and ordering objects. It consists of three wooden rings of different sizes that can be stacked onto a central post, helping babies refine their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.
  • Pincer & Palmer: The Pincer & Palmer toy is designed to enhance babies' pincer grasp and fine motor skills. It consists of wooden objects of different shapes and sizes that babies can pick up and manipulate, encouraging their dexterity and hand coordination.
  • Cubos Basic: The Cubos Basic set includes wooden cubes of different shapes that babies can explore and manipulate. They can practice stacking, sorting, and building with the cubes, promoting their spatial awareness, problem-solving abilities, and fine motor skills.

The 7-9 Months Kit subscription also offers a free exchange every 3 months, allowing you to adapt the toys in the kit based on your baby's changing developmental needs. This ensures that your baby always has age-appropriate toys to engage with and learn from.

It's worth noting that the toys in the kit are made in Canada, emphasizing their quality and commitment to local manufacturing standards.


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